Super LogIn v1.3 has been developed by WichVision using an Artificial Intelligence service.
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Introducing Super LogIn v1.3 - the ultimate solution for seamless integration into any web project. With just a simple renaming of the user's destination page, you're all set!

One of the standout features is the customizable dashboard page, which automatically loads upon successful login. By modifying the name of this page within the code, you'll have a secure gateway to your application, fortified with robust security measures to fend off various types of attacks.

Super LogIn v1.3 offers unparalleled convenience, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate user authentication and protection into your web application. Say goodbye to complex setup processes and welcome a seamless integration experience.

Super LogIn v1.3 empowers you to create a secure user authentication system without the need for extensive development or security expertise. It's time to elevate your application's security while maintaining a seamless user experience.

Experience the power of Super LogIn v1.3 today and unlock the full potential of your web project. Get started with enhanced security and user authentication that's both reliable and effortless.

Summary of Security Levels:

  • Input Validation and Sanitization:

    The value of the $PAGINA variable is validated to ensure it only contains numeric characters. The filter_var() function is used to filter and sanitize the $PAGINA value, preventing the insertion of malicious content.

  • CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) Tokens:

    A unique CSRF token is generated using the random_bytes() function and stored in the session. This token is used to protect against cross-site request forgery attacks.

  • Content-Security-Policy Directive:

    A Content-Security-Policy directive is set to specify the allowed sources for different types of resources such as styles, fonts, scripts, etc. This restricts the allowed external sources and helps prevent XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) and related attacks.

  • Alert Messages:

    A warning alert is displayed if there is a message in the session. This helps inform the user about important events or actions.

  • Data Protection:

    Session management with session_start() is used to securely track user sessions. The timezone is set to "America/New_York" to ensure proper time management.

  • Use of Secure Resources:

    Bootstrap styles and Font Awesome icons are loaded from trusted and secure sources. The Google reCAPTCHA service is used to protect against bots and automated attacks.

  • Clean design:

    Super LogIn v1.3 boasts a clean design, free from complex CSS styles, making it incredibly easy to customize according to your preferences.

    Experience the freedom of tailoring Super LogIn v1.3 to your exact needs, effortlessly creating a seamless integration with your web project. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with intricate CSS styling and embrace the simplicity of customization with Super LogIn v1.3.

Technical Manual:

Super LogIn v1.3 implements robust security measures, including the use of prepared statements, to guard against injection attacks. With prepared statements, user inputs are properly sanitized and escaped, preventing malicious SQL code from being injected into database queries.

By leveraging prepared statements, Super LogIn v1.3 ensures that user data is securely handled and eliminates the risk of SQL injection vulnerabilities. You can have peace of mind knowing that your application is safeguarded against unauthorized access attempts.

With Super LogIn v1.3, you can focus on building a powerful and secure authentication system, without worrying about potential security loopholes. Protect your valuable user data and maintain the integrity of your web application with Super LogIn v1.3's advanced security features.

  • Variables and Configuration:

    Session is started, and the timezone is set to "America/New_York". Configuration files and necessary functions are included.

  • Input Validation and Sanitization:

    The value of the $PAGINA variable is validated and sanitized to ensure it contains only numeric characters.

  • CSRF Tokens:

    A unique CSRF token is generated using the random_bytes() function if it doesn't already exist in the session.

  • HTML and Styles:

    An HTML document is created with a basic structure. Bootstrap styles and Font Awesome icons are linked.

  • Content-Security-Policy Directive:

    A Content-Security-Policy directive is set to specify allowed sources for different resource types.

  • Dynamic Content:

    Depending on the value of the $PAGINA variable, the corresponding form or view is included. A modular approach is used to load different components based on the requested page.

  • Alert Messages:

    If there is a message in the session, a warning alert is displayed at the top of the page.

  • Developer Information:

    A section is displayed at the bottom with developer information and copyright.

  • Scripts:

    Necessary scripts are included, such as the reCAPTCHA script and Bootstrap script.

This code provides a structure for an authentication system and user management with features like login, registration, email verification, password recovery, and a dashboard. Emphasis has been placed on security by implementing measures like input validation and sanitization, CSRF tokens, content security directive, and data protection. These measures ensure the integrity and security of the web application.